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Spotlight on:

Ben & Jerry’s


via Ben and Jerry’s instagram @benandjerrys

What’s the story?

Aside from producing delicious ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s strives to be a values-led business. Ben & Jerry’s publicly supports many social and environmental causes, including support for GMO labeling, racial justice, LGBT equality, and climate justice.

How are they different?

Ben & Jerry’s focuses on sustainability and empathy, both in their treatment of their employees and the environment. The company is split into three different parts: the product mission, the economic mission, and the social mission. The product mission focuses on making the all natural, high-quality ice cream that we know and love. Their economic mission is to operate with sustainable growth while expanding opportunities for all members of the company. And socially, they recognize the role of business in society and are vocal advocates for crossing over between their work and our national community. (Think: cause-oriented ice cream flavors) Ben & Jerry’s also offers a wide variety of vegan and non-dairy flavors to be more accessible to many customers.

via Ben and Jerry's instagram @Benandjerrys

via Ben and Jerry’s instagram @Benandjerrys

What’s the latest?

Ben & Jerry’s recently released a new flavor inspired by Bob Marley called “One Love.” The proceeds from this limited-batch banana ice cream, with caramel and graham cracker swirls, will fund a youth empowerment program in Jamaica called “One Love Youth Camp.

What inspires us?

Ben & Jerry’s is more than just another ice cream brand. The company uses their global reach as a platform to promote social justice and sustainability.

What do we suggest?

Eat more ice cream!