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Spotlight on:

Package Free


Package Free’s Founders Lauren Singer and Daniel Silverstein via Package Free’s instagram @packagefreeshop

What’s the story?

It’s a New York City pop-up shop that selling products that help New Yorkers live a zero-waste lifestyle. The pop-up is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and will be open until July.

How are they different?

This is the perfect stop for someone that is hoping to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle and is the first of its kind in New York City. Customers can purchase products that are sans packaging and learn the essentials to living life without creating trash.

What’s the latest?

The pop-up shop will also feature a number of DIY classes taught by Trash is for Tossers’ Lauren Singer and Daniel Silverstein, a.k.a. Zero Waste Daniel that teach nifty zero-waste skills including cooking, clothing repair and soap-making.

via Package Free’s instagram @packagefreeshop

What inspires us?

This mighty pop-up shop is bringing awareness to the zero-waste lifestyle and gives people the essential tools to adopt it for themselves. By cutting out the hours of sifting through the web for resources, Package Free makes living trash-free accessible.

What do we suggest?

Visit Package Free at 137 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249.