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via Made Safe's instagram @madesafehq

via Made Safe’s instagram @madesafehq


What’s the story?

It’s a non-profit that comprehensively evaluates consumer products, determining the level to which the components are “safe” (or non-toxic). 

How are they different?

MADE SAFE is the one and only nontoxic certification for anything from infant care to personal care to household items and beyond. The MADE SAFE (Made With Safe Ingredients™) seal is the industry standard and means that the product is made entirely with safe ingredients, without toxic chemicals known to negatively effect our health.

via MADE SAFE's instagram @madesafehq

via MADE SAFE’s instagram @madesafehq

What’s the latest?

MADE SAFE has recently cropped up in a number of headlines from The Chalkboard, Wellness Warrior, Huffington Post, and more. The demand for safety certified products is rising, and thanks to MADE SAFE, the transparency around nontoxic consumer goods continues to grow.

What inspires us?

MADE SAFE’s twofold mission—to provide consumers easy access to safely-made products, and to guide brands toward making and selling safer products—strives to completely reset product safety norms in a way that will benefit all of us, and the planet.

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