Fashion is a wonderful form of individual and artistic expression, but it comes at a heavy environmental cost. Bright summer colors are a result of toxic dyes that pollute our waterways while fun fast-fashion trend pieces just pile up in our landfills. Then there’s the human component: workers are often wildly underpaid and work in dangerous conditions with exposure to hazardous chemicals. That’s where Fashionkind founder Nina Farran comes in. Farran believes you can shop your values — and still look good. In fact, she insists the fashion industry itself can be a vehicle of change, if only we start paying more attention to the provenance of our products. It’s why she’s created Fashionkind, an online shopping destination featuring a curation of globally sourced ethical brands with true luxury design — no ill-fitting hemp pants in sight. As it turns out, shopping consciously doesn’t have to force us to compromise on style. As Nina says, “Luxury can and should be synonymous with ethics and sustainability.”