Makeup is meant to improve how you feel. But Brenda Hyre, founder of Rejuva Minerals, wasn’t getting any benefits from the makeup she tested as she sought products that didn’t irritate her sensitive skin — and were environmentally friendly. She also discovered something surprising: most popular and accessible beauty brands tend to be packed with ingredients that are considered toxic in other countries. Frustrated with her limited options, Hyre founded her own beauty brand in 2006. The goal: stick to only the highest of standards when it comes to natural beauty. To that end, Rejuva Minerals has made sure that each of the brand’s lipsticks, mascaras, foundations and more are approved by the Environmental Working Group and certified by Made Safe. In a beauty market full of misinformation and hidden ingredients, it’s a bold choice to put health and transparency first. Beauty products are about what we see on the outside — but what’s inside matters, too.

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