Everything comes down to chemistry. And right now, the products we’re surrounded with—from the makeup we use to the medicines we heal with to the foods we eat – are often made of harmful chemical building blocks and processes. That’s where chemist and industry leader John Warner comes in. Warner isn’t just helping save the world: he’s creating the guidebook for making sure we aren’t destroying it. Since pioneering the field of green chemistry and co-authoring the foundational book on the subject twenty years ago, Warner has made it his life’s mission to educate scientists and businesses on better, safer, and more sustainable ways to make products. In addition to inventing innovations such as Hairprint hair color restorationDelta-S Recycled Asphalt paving technologyAdidas Ocean Plastics Shoes, Warner has developed a green chemistry PhD program and has convinced chemistry departments at top universities around North America to sign on to the Green Chemistry Commitment, building the educational and practical foundation for healthier world from the molecular level up.