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Spotlight on:

Warner Babcock Institute

What’s the Story? Chemists working at Warner Babcock Institute

The Warner Babcock Institute (WBI) advocates for and develops better, safer chemical compositions for consumer products, ranging from biodegradable drugs to batteries. The Boston-based Institute and its pioneering founder, John Warner, have racked up a series of awards and secured patents on dozens of innovations that hew to green chemistry’s core principles.

How are they different?

WBI is one of the first and only organizations making sure that green chemistry gets applied to industry. From cosmetics to biotech, the Warner Babcock Institute practitioners finds scientific solutions to the problem of toxic products, looking at every step of the production process. They also provide training for scientists, executives and curious individuals who want to apply green chemistry to their own work.

What inspires us?

From our toothbrushes to our telephones, nearly every product we interact with is made of chemicals. All too often, those chemicals are harmful, both to our own health and that of the environment. The Warner Babcock Institute is fighting that harm on the molecular level, educating chemists and businesses on better practices in developing products—and providing the blueprint for a safer, more sustainable future.