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Mother Dirt


via Mother Dirt

What’s the story?

Mother Dirt encourages us to get dirty, selling biome-friendly face mists, creams, and hair products that restore natural bacteria on the skin.

How are they different?

Mother Dirt is the first company to create skincare meant to nurture the good bacteria of the skin. Their products go to work restoring and replacing essential bacteria, which is often washed away by modern hygiene. Mother Dirt’s mission is to build a world where “clean” also means “healthy,” where people can reconnect with nature, and where we all realize our ability to discover our inner child—and realize that it’s okay to get a bit dirty. Because sometimes, dirt and bacteria are actually what our skin needs.

via Mother Dirt

What’s the latest?

The 2014 launch of the first ever live-bacteria-containing product made for the skin, AO+ Mist, accelerated the conversation around the science behind bacteria-based skincare products. In March 2016, ELLE Magazine even stated that bacteria is a “healthy complexion’s best friend”—just one example of the way Mother Dirt is making an impact in innovative skincare.

What inspires us?

Mother Dirt invests in real science and opens up a new perspective on skin health. Their core idea—that clean should also mean healthy—mirrors their perspective on the environment as well, in which we need to reimagine a clean and healthy world where humans and nature coexist as one nurtured organism.

What do we suggest?

Start with the signature AO+ Mist. Formulated with a patented, live “peacekeeper” bacteria, AO+ Mist is said to improve skin clarity by 35% in just 4 weeks while reducing dependence on moisturizers and make-up.

Hear more from the President, Jasmina Aganovic, below.