Musings are ideas that inspire imagination and action for a better world”

Susan Rockefeller

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Muses Neck Potion No.9

Muses Neck Potion No. 9™ is the first creation of the Muses collection. This organic roll-on CBD topical is made with an aromatic blend of botanicals to provide pain relief while inspiring your senses. The product celebrates the land of the Hudson Valley in New York, and the power of regenerative farming and plant medicine.


Gleaning for Food Justice

Nonprofit organization Farm to Pantry practices gleaning to combat both food waste and food insecurity, distributing a nutritious bounty to 85 partner agencies in their community.

Science & Tech

Will seaweed replace some of our plastics?

Sway is on a mission to replace thin-film, single-use plastics with a seaweed-based alternative that is home compostable, non-toxic, and supporting regenerative seaweed farming practices.

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