Amy Ziff

Founder, MADE SAFE

We’ve all seen it. It’s plastered on the side of your favorite face cream, stickered on your all-purpose cleaning spray and promised on your chosen brand of paper towels. It reads: “all-natural.” But what does “all-natural” really mean? The question still stands because products sold as “all-natural” have never had a standard to qualify by, unlike terms like “organic,” that have a certification process that must be followed to bear that seal. By now, the phrase “all-natural” has been stripped of all meaning, but Amy Ziff and her non-profit MADE SAFE are here to ease your mind.

What is at the heart of the MADE SAFE mission?

At the heart of it, MADE SAFE hopes to manage what safe ingredients are. This doesn’t rule out safe synthetic ingredients along with its natural repertoire. The real aim is eliminating unsafe products from people’s lives and the ecosystem.

via Amy Ziff

What are some ways that harmful chemicals sneak into our products?

Dyes, preservatives, fragrances. Fragrance is one of the largest culprits because the ingredients that comprise scents are regarded as a trade secret and are often kept protected from the public. The term “fragrance” on an ingredient list is a backdoor for tons of chemicals to be added to a product.

How does a product become MADE SAFE approved?

To acquire the MADE SAFE seal of approval, companies undergo a preliminary screening process that evaluates all of a product’s ingredients, finding any that may be potentially harmful to health and the ecosystem. A report of findings is then issued to brands, allowing them the opportunity to make changes where needed and earn the MADE SAFE certification. We are investing in future generations by building a healthier future through MADE SAFE products and ingredients.

What sorts of products currently bear the MADE SAFE seal of approval?

MADE SAFE works with companies producing cosmetics, feminine care products, household items from laundry detergent to mattresses and furniture, personal care items like sunscreen and toothpaste, as well as sexual health products.

What is next for MADE SAFE?

We want to bring MADE SAFE’s standards straight to consumers. We are so looking forward to upcoming partnerships with larger product brands, and we’re hoping to partner with a retailer to create clearly defined MADE SAFE certified sections, akin to the organic sections in grocery stores.