May 16, 2023

Meg Geoghegan

Musings and Collectively Join Forces to Accelerate Climate Change Solutions

Acquisition Will Help Grow Global Network of Responsible Consumers

NEW YORK – Musings, a premium digital magazine with a devoted community of solutions-oriented followers, announced today that it has been acquired by Collectively, a Blue Horizon initiative of like-minded leaders. With a shared goal of incubating and advancing innovative solutions for a more sustainable future, Musings and Collectively see this partnership as an exciting opportunity to continue to grow a global network of change agents.

“We started Musings with the understanding that entrepreneurs and consumers hold the power to accelerate progress toward a better, more sustainable, more equitable future,” said Founder and Editor-in-Chief Susan Rockefeller, who will remain on board as a strategic advisor. “After a decade of curating ideas and innovations and inspiring a community focused on climate change solutions, I believe that we can go farther and move faster together. Blue Horizon has successfully fostered a mission-driven ecosystem of impact, and I am eager to see how we can use Musings as a tool for fueling the movement.”

Through its bi-monthly newsletter and digital platform, Musings highlights businesses and brands that offer toxin-free, eco-friendly, and purpose-driven products across fashion, food, clean beauty and beyond, while also elevating the voices of both established and emerging thought leaders, creators, activists, and philanthropists who are paving the way for a safer, healthier planet for all. 

Blue Horizon is at the forefront of that call for change, as Musings joins the Collectively ecosystem and leading sustainable living lifestyle brand, LIVEKINDLY.

“Susan’s passion and energy is at the heart of this unparalleled community of true believers who are committed to changing the world for our common future, and I look forward to working with her and the Musings team to continue to grow our following,” said Roger Lienhard, founder of Blue Horizon. “The acquisition of Musings is the right choice at the right time as we inspire and activate eaters, conscious consumers, and investors who are interested in a collective vision of a more plant based, compassionate world.”

“I am excited to join forces with the Musings team,” said Collectively Co-Founder and LIVEKINDLY Founder Jodi Monelle. “There couldn’t be a better synergy between our purpose-driven digital communities.”

Blue Horizon’s portfolio of alternative protein companies inspires people around the world to make more compassionate, ecological, and sustainable choices. Plant-based diets lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and certain types of cancer. Moreover, animal agriculture is one of the leading drivers of greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and water pollution.

In addition to creating more options for consumers through its portfolio companies, Blue Horizon is incentivizing more responsible decision-making. Its Collectively initiative is building the world’s first community that rewards consumers for making sustainably-driven choices through a credit card platform developed in partnership with Loylogic.

“Our product, platform, and media tools reach millions of people, with more joining the conversation every day,” said Hector Freitas, chief growth officer of Collectively. “Our goal is to empower people to be part of the solution to the significant challenges facing our planet, and bringing Musings into the Collectively family will help us achieve that goal.”