Ed Hoehn

COO, Atomo Beanless Coffee

What will one of our favorite beverages look like in a warming world? According to IDB, rising temperatures will cut coffee production in half (if not more) over the next 20-30 years. Crops are facing severe drought and disease, and farmers are looking for solutions. While they test new varieties to better withstand heat, the team at Atomo is offering an innovative formula with the same molecular structure as traditional coffee. Their beanless brew is high in antioxidants with farm-sourced and upcycled superfoods—date seeds, pea protein, fenugreek, millet and more. The caffeine source? Green tea, and it’s delivering 100mg per serving.

Why go beanless?
Climate change is forcing coffee farmers to move uphill to find cooler environments suitable to grow Arabica beans. It’s causing deforestation at an alarming rate, nearly equivalent to ten NY Central Parks each day. We love coffee and wanted to continue enjoying our daily ritual, so our goal was to craft a delicious coffee that would also leave a positive impact on the environment. We crafted a fantastic tasting coffee with the same molecular structure of traditionalcoffee, sourcing it from widely available farm-grown superfoods and upcycled ingredients. Atomo’s beanless espresso has the same great taste as traditional coffee with notes of dark chocolate, graham cracker and dried fruit. It has the same caffeine kick coffee lovers crave and is the most sustainable coffee on the planet.

What are the largest supply chain issues in the coffee industry?
Coffee faces a significant threat from climate change, with projections indicating a 50-80% decline in Arabica output over the next 20-30 years. Arabica is the most popular coffee bean due to its distinct flavor profile. This anticipated reduction in supply is likely to lead to increased prices. In response to this challenge, we have developed a consistently great-tasting coffee that people can enjoy for generations to come.

How long did it take to come up with the Atomo espresso formula?
We have been working on formulation for four years with our incredible innovation team. The heaviest portion of our work was in identifying alternative natural, farm-sourced ingredients that give us the same elements in traditional coffee, then understanding how we extract those elements to build Atomo. Our espresso formula is the first product built on a platform that will allow us to meet coffee lovers in every format they enjoy the beverage—espresso, drip, ready-to-drink, pods, etc.

Where are your ingredients sourced from?
Atomo Beanless Coffee is made from widely available farm-sourced superfoods and upcycled ingredients like sunflower seeds, date seeds, lemon, guava, and more. These ingredients are extracted to deliver the flavor and aroma profile of green coffee beans.

Is all of the caffeine used from green tea leaves?
Yes, Atomo’s unique blend incorporates caffeine sourced from green tea, which aligns with our commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. 

Why was the company named Atomo?
“Atomo” translates to “atom” in Italian. We embrace the science and innovation inherent in our product, and incorporating the Italian word for atom pays homage to the rich coffee culture of Italy, which we deeply admire.

What are some proven health benefits of Atomo compared to traditional coffee?
Because Atomo Coffee’s innovative blend consists of superfoods and upcycled ingredients, it is lower in acidity, high in antioxidants, and has a clean caffeine experience making it a healthier alternative to traditional coffee while enhancing cognitive and digestive health.

Wholesale partnerships are launching April 2?
April 2nd marks the completion of our Seattle roastery which will produce four million pounds of beanless espresso each year. We’re currently in talks with premium coffee shops and cafés across the nation that are interested in expanding their offerings much like the giant chains which regularly introduce new specialty drinks. This is an ideal time for shop owners to go to our website and sign up to become a wholesale partner and incorporate the only beanless option available in the world.

Where can readers find your coffee?
With the completion of our 33,547 square foot roastery, we’ll be expanding our presence to hundreds of coffee shops across the country by the end of 2024. In the meantime, coffee lovers can visit our partner Gumption Coffee in New York to enjoy Atomo’s beanless espresso as a shot or in milk-based specialty drinks such as macchiatos and lattes. I recommend a hot cortado.

What are your long-term goals for Atomo?
Atomo is committed to innovation in the coffee industry, focusing on sustainability, global distribution, and creating a new category of coffee that offers an alternative to traditional bean-based products. Our long-term vision includes working closely with coffee shops to deliver a premium experience, as well as collaborating with large coffee brands for broader distribution. Our ultimate goal is to meet coffee drinkers where they are from cold brew to packaged coffee and pods.