Did you know that 40% of food in the United States is wasted? Not to mention, each year our country spends 218 billion dollars on growing, processing, and transporting food that’s ultimately thrown away. In an effort to mitigate this enormous waste, Renewal Mill Founders Sumit Kadakia and Claire Schlemme are converting food manufacturing byproducts into new and nutritious consumer goods. I first met the team shortly after they partnered with Hodo Soy Founder, Minh Tsai, to convert the byproduct of tofu “okara” into a versatile flour. They have since discovered that their low-footprint process is applicable to most fibrous foods. A former cohort of Food System 6, the company’s closed loop business model not only lessens the environmental impact of food waste, but also addresses the human health implications by reintroducing fiber to our plates, and making quality nutrition cost effective.

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